The Garden Path Photography

The Garden Path Photography

I'm often asked . . .

  • Did you take all of these photographs?  Yes.  

  • Did you go to school for photography?  I didn't.  I'm an experimenter by nature...  My background is in business and marketing. 

  • Would you consider photographing my...(fill in the blank)? Maybe.

  • Do you do weddings? No, sorry. 

  • How can I take better pictures? This advice from Elliott Erwitt is better than any advice I could give you: "All the technique in the world doesn't compensate for the inability to notice." You must notice everything.

  • How can I purchase your cards? Stores where my work is sold are always listed on my website.   I can be reached by email at Th[email protected] if you would like to place an order.  If you have ordered from me in the past and have my personal contact information, feel free to give me a call!  

  • Do you have a print catalog? No

  • What kind of film/camera/lens do you use?  My photos are all taken with a Canon digital camera and printed on an Epson printer.  More information about which cameras and lenses I use can be found here.

  • Will the photos I receive, have your watermark plastered across them? They won't.

  • What if I'd like the photo without the writing? or Can you add writing to a particular photo? It's usually not a problem at all!  Just let me know.

  • Why don't you outsource your printing?  It's convenient to do it myself and I enjoy the process.

  • Are those snowflakes real?  Yep. 

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