The Garden Path Photography

The Garden Path Photography

Customers say . . .

A.W. says:


"I had a photo shoot with

Kelly done yesterday. She

was very easy to work

with, and was able to catch

my "essence" in

less-than-ideal lighting

conditions. I highly

recommend her and her


T.C says:

"What a wonderful photographer you are. I like what you see, and how you frame it, and I like your sense of humor and your sense of...the profoundness (profundity?) of mundane things. "

J.H. says:


"Because of your cards (they are awesome) I have purchased a "card organizing book" and have purchased from you all of my Graduation and Birthday card needs through July. Thank you Kelly!"

K.M. says: "Prints arrived yesterday in perfect condition.  You have expert packaging skills, going above and beyond expectations!!  I’m once again delighted with my order and looking forward to displaying your beautiful photography.

Thank you again for the extra cards and the shipping.  I hope to continue gift shopping with you in the future!!"

R.L. -  a local shopkeeper says:

"Everyone loves them – I had 2 ladies fighting over a lilac picture!"

R.S. says:

"Your cards are well enjoyed by whomever I send them to - you know my family just loves them!" 

K.P. says:

"Kelly, they're beautiful!  I always think I've picked out the most special ones - then each time they're more beautiful than before!  I never get tired of looking at them! Thanks!"

R.M. says:

"Your work is beautiful!  I'd like to order another dozen large cards."                                                                                


S.A.O. says:

 "Just love these cards!  You do such a great job!  I thank you for the extras too.  You're so thoughtful - I hate most of the cards on the market, however sometimes I see photographic ones and none to equal yours.  Thanks again."

L.T. says:

"I have to come back and buy a second one of everything.  I get home with my cards - look at them, and say "I can't send that---it's so pretty, I need to keep it!"  So now it's always one for me and one to send!"

M.M. & J.F. say:

"We appreciate your talent so much as it has helped make our house truly a home!"

K.M. says:

"The ladies I  gifted your photo cards to loved them.  Most said they couldn't decide whether to write on them or frame them!!  My own personal solution is to  buy them matted to hang on my walls. :)"

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